Do Not Hire Motivational Speakers


You’d like to get a motivational speaker for your event but the truth is that you just hate motivational speakers, simple as that. Turns out they never were successful at anything except being a motivational speaker and that is the truth. They always want to sell their useless books. They may even try to hawk “products” from their vast giant overstock of cassette tapes left over from the previous century that they failed to clean up.

The track record for motivational speakers is dismal.  Actually, they can ruin a company and bring it down to the ground. That is why you should be looking at great corporate event entertainer and non-motivational speakers.

One company hired a corporate entertainer. Their sales for the previous year was $20M. He got them fired up. A sales manager stood up – loosened tie, red-faced with excitement – pronounced that he felt they could do $30M that coming year. Everyone cheered. More firing up. Another manager screamed that they could easily hit $50M. Place goes nuts. Eventually, they settle on $70M as the target.

Then came reality – sales were up a bit – on track for $25M, which would be quite respectable. But $70M wasn’t shaping up. So instead of counting a sale when the customer was invoiced, they made it when the customer placed an order. That helped a bit. Then they counted a sale when product entered the warehouse. Then shipped from the factory. Then factory received the production order. They kept going until they found a way to make the books show $70M. At the end of the year, $45M in overstock and enormous losses, that’s why you hire absurd corporate entertainment and not motivational speakers.

So play it safe and go with a non motivational speaker. They exist – they make the group laugh, feel good about the place they work for, impressed that management would agree to something that doesn’t make them gag. And no useless books and tapes being hawked.

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